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SnowSports Unlimited in China

Have a look at this Ski TV episode where SnowSports Unlimited is featured for the instructor training work that we’re doing in China. We’ve been working there since 2018 offering CSIA ski instructor courses as well as CASI snowboard instructor courses. In this feature, you’ll meet two of our CSIA Level 2 graduates, Eric and Darren. Great skiers and greats guys too!

You can watch the whole Ski TV episode on CBC Gem right here: 

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SKI Tips

Facing the force for better balance

That heavy feeling that you sometimes  get under your skis through a turn is the pressure building from traveling on an arc.  The best way to stay balanced is to align your body to face where these forces are coming from. 

Natural Balance

A lot of people try and balance from their head down and force a position while they’re skiing.  Try to be more aware of what you feel under your feet and balance from the snow up. 

Simplifying Steering

Keeping things simple in your skiing, constantly turning to manage direction and grip to deal with challenging snow and visibility. 

Skiing the bumps with speed

Skiing the bumps with speed can be really fun and really exciting.  Line choice is critical and so is being aware of the conditions. 

Keep your feet underneath you

Pushing your feet away or trying to get them away from you can make you fall to the inside of your turn right from the start causing you to lose edge grip and balance.  Keep your feet underneath you to help build a solid platform first and then move inside that platform. 

Creating a reference point for varied conditions

When the going gets tough that’s when you need to have a fallback plan.  Work on creating good feelings when the conditions are good and then use those as your goal for when the conditions get challenging. 

Tactical bump skiing

Skiing the bumps tactically by being aware of speed, line and turn shape.  Technique is important when skiing the bumps but you can set yourself up for success by choosing the right approach for the situation. 

Using the Inside Ski

This tip was pretty controversial when it was first released.  There are lots of ways to achieve certain outcomes on a pair of skis, try not to get hung up on one idea, be open to different concepts and you’ll continue to learn and improve.

Skiing the Steeps

Skiing the steeps can be an exhilarating experience and makes for a good challenge.  Here are a few tactics to help you better deal with steeper terrain situations.